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The Momentum research team are always looking for ways to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young Australians. On this page, we invite you to explore our current research projects. You’ll find details of our current projects below, and how you can participate. Together, let’s build a brighter future for young Australians!

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Helping young people in more ways than one!
Testing a new digital treatment program for young people with both depression and anxiety problems

If you are aged between 13-17 years, and suffer from problems with both anxiety and depression, then you may be eligible to participate in this research study!

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health problems afflicting young Australians, and they often occur at the same time. Yet most online treatment programs focus on one problem only – depression OR anxiety, whichever is most severe. The Momentum Research Team, led by Griffith University, is interested in understanding whether a treatment program that addresses both anxiety AND depression, is more effective than treatments that address only anxiety OR depression. 

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Anxiety and depression are some of the most common mental health problems encountered by young Australians. If left untreated, they can can persist into adulthood, and are associated with personal, family, social, and economic consequences.

While internet delivered CBT (iCBT) has been shown to be effective in treating these issues in youth, programs usually only tackle one issue at a time. This can make treatment very long and time consuming. It could therefore be of benefit to young people, to have access to a single online program that can effectively treat more than one problem.

Our team of experts have developed a digital mental health intervention that targets both anxiety and depression – one program that helps both issues. The purpose of this project is to compare whether this new iCBT program leads to better outcomes than an iCBT program that targets only anxiety or only depression. When you register an account for your child, you will also create a parent/caregiver account. If your child is 15 years or under, you will have access to your own dashboard where you can view the results of your child's initial assessment (a summary report). This report will help you better understand any difficulties your child might be experiencing. On your dashboard, you will also find information and resources about how to support your child, as well as crisis and support information.

You will also receive an alert if your child's survey scores (either from the initial assessment or from ongoing weekly session surveys) suggest they are experiencing high levels of difficulty and require further assistance.

This project is being undertaken by the Momentum Research Team, led by Griffith University.

To participate in this study, you:

*Must be aged between 13 and 17 years  

*Must not have an intellectual or developmental disorder (autism or developmental delay)  

*Must not have a high level of active suicide risk  

*Must not be receiving any other psychological treatment for your primary problem (anxiety or depression) 

*Must not have begun or changed medications for anxiety or depression within the last six weeks 

If you are eligible to participate, you will need your caregiver’s permission to start. After you both provide your consent, we will need to book in a time to speak with your caregiver over the phone. This call will take about 20 minutes and helps us make sure that the study will be suitable for you. You will not be able to participate in the research until this call has been completed.

If you are eligible for this study, you will be randomly allocated into one of two groups: 

 *Group 1 will receive a 10-session program addressing both anxiety AND depression.  

*Group 2 will receive a 7-session program for either anxiety OR depression, depending on which of these issues is most severe for you. 

We will ask you to complete one session of your program each week.  You and your parent/guardian may also contact the research team at any time to request a phone call to discuss your progress.    

So that we can determine how well the programs are working, we will ask you to fill in some online questionnaires for us on two other occasions:(1) three months after starting the program, and (2) nine months after starting the program. You will receive a $20 gift voucher at each of the three assessment timepoints, to thank you for your time.  

Your participation in this research is entirely voluntary. If you decide to participate, you are free to withdraw your consent and to discontinue participation at any time without any penalty.

If you'd like to get started, you can begin by registering for Momentum using the "Register Now" button below, and completing the Momentum check-up. If you meet the eligibility criteria after completing the check-up, you will automatically be invited to learn more about this project and decide whether you'd like to participate.

At any point, if you or your caregiver decide not to participate in this research, you will be able to return to the general Momentum platform where you can freely access the self-help treatment programs via your Momentum account.

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