More about Momentum for Professionals

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Momentum is designed to be completed by young people on their own, but there are ways professionals can help!

Professionals can refer young people to the program and can support them in different ways. Some of the ways professionals can support young people through Momentum:

  • Refer young people (or their parents) to the Momentum website to do the program completely on their own.
  • Some young people may prefer to do the program on their own, but come to you if they have questions.Get them started and let them know how to check-in.
  • Some young people might like to set a regular time to show you their progress in the program and talk through any difficulties. Get them started, then schedule a session every few weeks to go through their progress.
  • Some young people may even want to complete sessions with a Professional next to them. This might mean working through the sessions together.

Professionals can learn more about how they can use Momentum through our “Professional’s Guide”. You can request a copy of this guide and/or promotional materials to be sent to you by completing the request forms below.