What is Momentum?

Momentum offers tailored online treatment programs to help children and adolescents learn new ways to cope with feelings of anxiety and/or unhappiness. Momentum also offers help with sleep difficulties, as well as information on well-being and help-seeking, and tips and information about substance use for adolescents.

Momentum has been designed in collaboration with young people, parents, clinicians and researchers. The program is free to use in Australia and can be worked through at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

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Young People 7-17 years

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Momentum for Young People!

‘Momentum’ is a website that can help you learn new ways to manage anxiety and unhappiness. Depending on your age, either you or your parent/caregiver will answer some questions that will help us to create a Momentum program just for you.
Your Momentum program will have different tools to help you:

  • Keep track of your feelings
  • Learn new skills for coping with difficult feelings and situations
  • Tackle your anxiety and/or unhappiness step-by-step
  • Calm your mind and body
  • Find more helpful ways of thinking

As you work through your Momentum program, you will earn badges and rewards when you learn new skills and complete activities.

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Parents and Caregivers

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Momentum for Parents

Welcome to Momentum. The Momentum website was designed to help children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulties with anxiety, depression, and related issues. We know that mental health challenges in childhood and adolescence can lead to social, emotional and academic problems. Family members and teachers are often the first to notice mental health problems in young people, but it can be hard for them to know where to turn to for help.

‘Momentum’ was developed by clinicians and digital mental health experts from six leading Australian universities, as well as community and government health partners, to provide parents/guardians with:

  • Tools to determine whether a young person might be experiencing difficulties
  • Treatment programs for a variety of difficulties, and
  • Mental health care information and resources.

The Momentum Program is free in Australia, accessible on a computer or tablet, and is completed by the young person at their own pace. The Momentum platform was co-designed with parents, teens, and children to ensure that the programs are engaging and enjoyable for young people to complete.

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If you are using an iPad/tablet you may need to resize your screen. Click the link below for some tips.

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Momentum for Professionals

There are different ways that Professionals can use Momentum. For more information on how you can work with young people, please click “More Info”.

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University of Southern Queensland
Griffith University
Federation University
Queensland University of Technology
University of Queensland Australia
Australian National University

Momentum is supported by the Australian Government under the Medical Research Future Fund

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If you would like more information, or if you would like to contact the Momentum Team or any of our researchers, please contact us via email. info@momentumhub.org.au

Acknowledgement of Country

Momentum acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands and waterways where we meet and work. We acknowledge the cultural diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and pay respect to Elders past, present and future.

Acknowledgement of Lived Experience

Momentum acknowledges children, adolescents, parents, and families experiencing mental health difficulties. We commend the courage, generosity of time and openness of people who have experienced mental ill-health, in sharing their personal experiences and views about what works and needs to change to support recovery. We are especially grateful to the children, adolescents, parents, and clinicians who have participated in the research to co-design Momentum.